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Super stressed that I may have MS.

So, up until last week, I never had reason to think I had MS.

I woke up with some leg tingling and foot tingling. It went away but then has come back and forth ever since. Sometimes in my arms, but mostly in my legs. I feel it from the top of the thighs to the heels of my feet. My legs also feel a bit heavy now.

I do have a confirmed lower disc bulge for years, but these tingles and pains seem to be unrelated. I just had blood work done for initial elmination of the most common things and am awaiting results.

I'm jist so scares and worried that MS is the only logical conclusion and I'm 34 and have a 6 month old son and a 3yr old. I'm so worried something is wrong and that I won't be able to be here for my boys.

Any advice to help overcome this rush of anxiety I'm experiencing?

  1. @mgh-pa Waiting for a diagnosis can be so difficult. Try not to let your mind do too much "what if" stories related to adverse outcomes if you can because it doesn't have to be that way. If it turns out that you have MS, the good news is that we have lots of great treatment options now. See a neurologist early and start on a plan suited especially for you right away. Many times a good plan can delay or prevent advancement for long periods. In addition to disease-modifying drugs, there are also lots of treatments for symptoms. Our website is here to support our community each step along the way so as you have questions about how to diagnose or rule out or if you find out you have MS, check back here and we'll be here to help. We've got your back!

    If your tests come back that the other conditions are ruled out, here is how MS is usually diagnosed:

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