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Suspected MS. Appreciate any advice

Hi everyone. This is my first time to post but need to ask your opinions. 11 years ago 7 weeks after my first daughter was born I developed optic neuritis, trigeminal neuralgia and restless arms and legs. I had the usual tests for ms and thankfully all clear. 11 years on still on meds for trigeminal neuralgia and restless arms and legs. TIn february started to get numbness in head, left side oc face, chin, arm and leg. Leg numbness/funny sensation is way more prominent in shower. Also have teeth and gum pain (2 trips to dentist and all looks fine) but pain still comung and going. Last friday developed left hand tremor when holding fork. Today pins and needles in both feet and left hand. Also gave had about 4 episodes of tightening around my ribs. Gp did neuro logical exam and found hyperrelexia in upper and lower limbs with clonus. Also get bouts of fatigue. Went to er dept last week on afvuce from my gp and they did a brain scan which wasclear. Now waiting to see a neurologist. Does this soynd like MS? Hoping to get spine mri and lp.done. Thsnks for reading x

  1. Hi -

    Thank you so much for reaching out. While we cannot offer medical advice online, for your own safety, in addition to comments from the community these links on symptoms of MS may help!

    Please do keep us updated - thinking of you. It's great that you are taking control of finding out what is wrong and will be seeing a neurologist - I hope they will be a help!

    Margot, Team Member

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