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Swallowing/talking affected by relapse?

Good afternoon friends: every relapse takes a keeps a little of what ever muscle/nerve group that was affected, my feet and hands are under attack but this is the first time my neck muscles have been affected swallowing and talking have become difficult my head feels like it weighs 20 pounds, has anyone else dealt with this? I worry there will be long lasting issues? Thanks for looking

  1. Hi New to me! I am sorry you are experiencing with swallowing issues! Unfortunately, this is not an unusual MS symptoms. If you haven't already, please discuss this with your physician. You can read more about MS-related swallowing issues here -- There are potential treatment options, which you can read about here -- Definitely don't hesitate to seek the treatment you need to help with this problem. Thank you for reaching out and good luck! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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