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MS relapse or Migraine

20 years ago I thought I had a Stoke - I went to bed with the worst headache ever when I woke in the morning exactly half my face was numb including inside half my mouth and tongue - by the time I had an MRI scan ( 5 months later ) the numbness had all but gone - the MRI revealed a scar but a few tests and nothing was conclusive at that time, fast forward another 10 years and a similar thing happened although it’s duration much shorter. Had lumber puncture , blood tests , physical tests and MRI scan ( which showed white lesions ) I was then officially diagnosed , had annual MRI scan which was mostly unchanged, only constant symptoms were fatigue and brain fog which I managed.
Then this weekend I had yet again the most excruciating headache ( started over my eye I’m sure ) went to bed but couldn’t sleep as I was in agony - I then started vomiting- at this point I called 999 - two hours later paramedics arrived and did all the usual tests all of which were fine - then my mouth and face started to Tingle and move upwards - I declined several hours in the ambulance and opted to stay with my parents against the paramedics advice - I knew I’d be worse - I managed to call a taxi and went to bed at my parents house instead.
I’m now back home awaiting advice from my local MS nurse , it’s been 4 days and I have severe facial paralysis ( completely down one side of face/head/eye/mouth ) , I’m unsteady on my feet and have severe vertigo and due to start a new job in 3 weeks - I look totally normal but feel absolutely awful still 😢

  1. Also I can’t walk properly or drive properly or write properly 😢

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