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Forced to switch to generic Copaxone

I recently switched to my husbands' insurance. When I attempted to refill my prescription 3 weeks ago,I was given several excuses for the delay. The most recent was blame on my physician. When I called my doctor's office, I was advised my insurance denied the name brand and I am being forced to switch to generic despite the fact my doctor specified name brand. (By the way, I still do not have a refill).
1. Has anyone else encountered this?
2. Has anyone fought the battle and kept their brand name meds?
3. Is anyone using generic Copaxone? Any adverse effects? How is the support compared to Shared Solutions?

  1. Hi . I am not finding anything recent in our archives about generic Copaxone. That is probably a good think. People are more likely to post about a medication if they are having issues with it. It can be awfully difficult to win the battle for brand name over generics with insurance companies. You usually have to prove that that you have had an adverse reaction to the generic or that it isn't helping, and that means trying it first. Have you contacted your doctor's office to see whether they can help? I hope you get some good input here from other community members. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Thank you Lori.

      1. I currently use the generic. Kaiser switched me to it a few years ago even though my doctor specifically said Copaxone. I fought with them about it but it didn’t do any good. Approximately 5 weeks after switching I had a relapse but since then I have been stable. Not sure if the generic had anything to do with it. They say it didn’t. I’m not sure.

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