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Tablets (not the pharmaceutical kind)

My wife, who has MS, has some vision problems and some cognitive problems. She was always an avid reader and now mostly satisfies her book cravings listening to books on CD. She can read large font text. Do any of you who have MS or are caring for someone who has MS, have any experience with the Kindle, iPad, Nook or Samsung tablets? Do you have a favorite device to recommend? Is one particularly user friendly?
I look forward to hearing your recommendations.

  1. Hi, Mario,

    I have a basic first generation Kindle and it has a feature that easily allows you to enlarge the print. I'm sure Nooks have a similar feature. The ipad probably works similarly to my iphone, on which I can instantly enlarge text by putting my thumb and forefinger on the touch screen and dragging them in opposite directions. I know nothing about Samsung tablets, but I'm sure that, like each of the devices you've mentioned, can also easily allow you to control the size of the print. Hope this helps.


    1. Hi Kim.
      I appreciate your reply. I use the thumb/finger method on my iphone a lot. From a manual dexterity standpoint, I don't think that would be a good option for my wife. Nor does she need all the functionality of an ipad.
      I'm leaning toward getting her the latest Kindle at this point, and if your first generation Kindle was easy to manipulate, I'm guessing the newer ones will be too.

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