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What's been your experience taking Tecfidera?

  1. , I've been taking Tecfidera for six years. The only side effects I experience are flushing and tingling. It starts two hours after swallowing the capsule and lasts for about an hour.

    The drug is known to cause digestive problems in some people, but I never experienced that.

    I hope more people will respond with their own reactions to the drug.

    Best, Kim, moderator

    1. You might have read about Vumerity, the most recent FDA-approved drug for RRMS. Also known as monomethyl fumarate, it is closely related to Tecfidera--diethyl fumarate--only with a much lower risk of causing stomach upset. So if you're on Tecfidera and suffering indigestion, this is an alternative you could discuss with your doctor.

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