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I have recently been diagnosed last week. I am currently in hospital getting IV steroids. The doctor is recommending Tecfidera as course of treatment. What are your experiences with Tecfidera? Side effects? Ease of compliance with regimen? I was considering Copaxone? Feeling totally lost with options.

  1. I have been dx'd with MS for 21 years. I've been on 3 injectables, including Tysabri, and recently tried Tecfidera. I did not tolerate the Tecfidera well at all, and had a relapse that I am still recovering from. I will be going back on my Copaxone soon. Everyone is different and you just have to find the med that is right for you. For me, the Copaxone has the least side effects.

    1. 1x51k3w, have you decided on a therapy yet?

      Kim, moderator

      1. I am currently taking Tecfadera and I am having trouble filling my srcip.
        So thinking about skipping a few days. I don't think a relapse will happen. So Over MS

        1. Junction

          What is the issue you are having with filling your script? Have you asked your doctor for assistance? If money is the concern, I believe Tecfidera offers a "free" co-pay program.

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