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Does Tecfidera increase sperm production?

My husband and I had been unable to conceive naturally. We were told it would not happen because of his sperm count, a result of a childhood injury. IVF was our only option.

I got pregnant

After two unsuccessful attempts at IVF we chose not to try anymore. About 7 years later (with me being on and off birth control, and after my husband's MS diagnosis) nothing had happened. Then the very first cycle I had after stopping birth control the latest time for unrelated issues, I got pregnant.

Affects of Tecfidera

I researched several factors and came across a statement by someone saying Tecfidera increased sperm production in mice. Is it possible it does this in humans as well? It's all just anecdotal evidence, and it doesn't matter for us for the future, but I am curious if anyone knows anything about this.

  1. Hi , this is a great an interesting question! I have read about the increased production in mice, but, as of now, they haven't really monitored that in humans. It's very interesting and definitely worth mentioning to your doctors. I'm assuming you have his counts from before-Tecfidera, it would be very interesting to see the difference after being on it for a bit. It could still all be coincidence, but I'm sure your doctors would love to know! Either way, congrats!

    1. I would mention this to his pharmacy of where you receive your Tecfidera as well, the pharmacist will fill out an ade and send it to the manufacturer.

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