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The rollercoaster ride of MS

My fatigue has gotten really bad in the last couple of months to the point that I can't do much of anything. I need to take a shower and by the time I get the bath mats on the floor I have to go sit down and rest. I've been getting depressed, want to cry and have been having a lot of flare ups. It's like the MS is going beserk (?). It doesn't help that you can't get in to see any doctors, they're all booked up for a couple of weeks out!

I just don't understand it. I never had a problem getting in before, Has the whole world gone crazy or is it just me!

My neurologist quit for a better job and now I'm trying to get in to see a new one. In the meantime I've had to get all my records and films transfered to the new one and then I can get an appointment with him.

I've had a lot of stress in the last year that I've had to deal with especially the last few weeks. When does it end? I have bouts of insomnia that doesn't help.

I must sound like a raging lunatic, thanks for letting me vent.

  1. You're going through a lot, ! It's no wonder your body and mind are crying out right now. And don't even get me started on MS related fatigue! I don't think people understand just how 'tired' a person can be unless they live with a chronic condition like MS. It's a whole other level of exhausted! And you're not alone in this! Many of our members talk about dealing with extreme fatigue (and insomnia!).

    I am so sorry you are struggling to get in to the doctor and doubly sorry that your neurologist quit! I have to admit, I am really wondering what qualifies as a better job. Hmmmm . . . . . I know being a neurologist is not easy and maybe he/she is just switching practices. Still, I'm intrigued.

    But, back to you. You are doing everything you *can* do at this point. You're collecting your records and trying to get in to see the doctor. You are aware of your fatigue and depression and are trying to be proactive in getting to the root of what's going on.

    And, depression sucks because if sheer willpower and determination could fix it, well, most people would be able to 'fix' their depression. Do you have any mental health support; be it a supportive friend or loved one, a counselor or therapist? Also, it's hard to feel good when you're tried and hurting and your moods are low. It's no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed. I wanted to share this article from a mental healthcare professional that also happens to have MS. She shares some great insight about caring for your mental health when you live with MS and her tips are honest and practical --

    Did you get that appointment for the doctor scheduled, even if it is a couple weeks out?

    Please know you are welcome to vent here anytime and you don't sound like a lunatic! We all need a safe space to vent, so please, vent away!

    Also, I know we can't control the stress that comes into our lives, but I hope the rest of this year settles down for you, stress wise, and that you have a much less stressful 2024!

    Gentle Hugs, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Erin Ruth thank you for your response it was much appreciated. I finally got in to see a neurologist yesterday and I liked him. Next month we're doing an MRI on my brain to see what changes there are if any. Then I will go back in to see him.


      1. that's wonderful news that you got in to see your neurologist and got the MRI scheduled. Those are two really big milestones to cross. We certainly hope that all goes well with your upcoming MRI and follow up appointment. We're here supporting you throughout this journey!
        - Alene, moderator

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