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Time between flares

12 years ago when I was 45 I went through a 2 to 3 month phase of fatigue, tingling in extremities. I underwent an MRI which was clear. I have yet to experience a flare in those 12 years. I am now 57. I have had very minor symptoms come and go during that period, lasting from seconds to minutes to an hour or two at most. However I have had tinnitus, developed about 10 yrs ago which has remained. Stupidly I have never had this addressed, probably because I have became used to it and probably because it really has not been that bad. Wham 6 weh weeks ago I was hit with awful tinnitus, much worse than previously, quickly followed by lightheadness and wooziness. So bad I ended up in emergency. In the weeks since those symptoms have remained, although the tinnitus is back to where it was previously....however also now tingling in various parts of my body, head, hands, feet. I have been hit by fatigue in recent days, hardly being able to walk more than 100 metres or so before my legs feel like water. I should say in those 12 yrs I have become fitter than I have was in my late 20s or 30s. Can anyone relate to this above? Anyone else had such a long gap between any sort of real flare?

  1. Hi, Heartland1939! I am so sorry you ended up in the ER with tinnitus issues! I know you haven't previously treated your tinnitus, but you may consider getting it looked at. Here is some information on tinnitus and MS that you may find interesting --

    Also, I know many of our members have had years between relapses, depending on the type of MS they have. We always recommend that if someone is experiencing new or worsening symptoms, to please call your physician and let them know what is going on.

    I hope your issues dissipate and that this is not the start of a relapse for you!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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