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What are your tips for finding a good specialist?

Have you found a good neurologist specializing in MS or other specialist? Share your tips with fellow community members! If you haven’t found a good specialist, what challenges have you faced?

  1. I have found my MS specialist/ neurologist in Amsterdam. I was on their site and got asked to write an article about my MS experience. Due to this opportunity I got asked to see their neurologist.
    However I do need to fly from Monaco to Amsterdam to see him yearly but as there is no MS specialist here it’s well worth the trip.

    1. Dr Timothy West is an amazing MS clinician at UCSF

      The Berkeley UCSF outpatient on Wednesday’s is the easiest way to see him.

      He knows everyone and is glad to refer.

        1. When first diagnosed by a physiotherapist and the sports doctor she worked under I was immediately referred to a neuro and am still with him. My official diagnosis was over 20 years ago and they neuro I got was what I needed. If he saw anything he didn't like at my yearly sessions with him, he sent me to whatever specialist to deal with it. After 20 years, things change and my last visit wasn't as good. He brought in an intern and let her loose with me to manipulate my body to evaluate strengths, but as one of my ankles is minus any tendons due to a fall, I told her not to touch that foot. She did, didn't make me happy. Neuro walked in and said well I doing well and he turned right around and left. hmmmmmmm. As I said, things change. With Covid now, any visits are by telephone now. hmmmmmmmmmmm

          1. Hi . I am not sure what your rights are in Canada, but if you recall, you can always refuse to allow an intern in the room in the U.S. I hope that applies there as well so you don't have to deal with that intern anymore. I don't usually mind if an intern accompanies a doctor. They have to learn somehow. But an exam by an intern should never take the place of an exam by the doctor. I hope your neurologist is his old self again by your next visit. Thinking of you! - Lori (Team Member)

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