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Vision Problems

Share your experience with vision problems. Get the conversation started.

  1. I have not been able to see out of my right eye for a couple years now. My left eye sees 20/20 my right eye was 20/80 last time it was checked and that eye was almost completley color blind. I have tried multiple rounds of IV steroids but nothing has helped. In fact I am pretty sure it is getting worse again. Now my right eye is so blurry I can just barely make out rough shapes with it I am hoping that someone will look at this forum that has had success with something other than IV steroids at solving a similar problem to this and will tell me so I can talk to my Doc about it. I am scareed I will be completely blind or that there is no better with this eye and it is permanent

    1. ,
      That is frustrating to hear.
      Were you diagnosed with retro bulbar neuritis before or after an MS diagnosis?
      Believe it or not, Optic neuritis is often the earliest presenting symptom that alerts the doctor to send one to a neurologist for MS diagnostic testing.
      Be well, Doreen (Team Member)

    2. I just recently suffered from optic neuritis. It is a terrifying symptom of MS. Most of the time steroids are needed to relieve the nerve. I started on new nerve pain meds that luckily relieved this symptom. I just recently wrote an article that answers your question.

      You might find it useful:
      Let me know if it helps!
      All the best,

  2. Hi Nick. I also have vision problem's. My right eye also. Last round of steroids did nothing. Eye exam showed nothing wrong with eye and 20/30 vision. Eye Dr.feels it is brain related. Duh. Neurologist says it is vascular. Sent me for Labs and get another MRI on Wednesday. I can't even describe what my eye does. I feel lost all the time. Feel like I am a space cadet. Better if in a dark room. I am able to use medical cannabis which makes me not notice my vision i issue. Very very frustrating. I have been told it will not go to the other eye. But who really knows. Best wishes to you.

    1. I don't know if this will give you hope or not but I have gotten used to the problem. My other eye has compensated and so it is a minor problem. It is frustrating and I can almost always see some of the blur but it does not stop me from living. Hopefully your problem will settle down and go away. I hope your doctors are right and it won't go to the other eye but I have been lied to so many times that I have little trust in doctors, really they are wrong a lot not try to lie to me but still. I really hope you find something that helps. If you do let me know and I will do the same, good luck

      1. I’m new to Ms, just diagnosed in August, but think i have had it for years. Been diagnosed with belles palsy about 5 times due to facial numbness. Finally went to see Neurologist when i started having tingling, burning sensation down and difficultly moving my left leg. after a battery of test finally dx with MS. Several months ago i noticed, esp when i’m tired, i get a very bright semicircle in my peripheral vision field. it is so bright and has triangles around the edges with a prisim effect (reminds me of a reses peanut butter cup wrapper). when it starts i loose my peripheral vision. I can’t tell which eye it is because even when i close my eyes it is there. usually after a few minutes of lying in the dark with my eyes closed it will go away. It usually on lasts about 30 minutes, but have been noticing a more increase in blurred vision. My MRI did not show any brain lesions either.

        1. What you are describing, sounds almost spot on to what I see about 15-20 minutes before I get a migraine. I've had those auras just before a migraine since I was 13, I'm 48 now.
          I've just recently been diagnosed with MS, back in March of this year. It took several doctors and many, many tests, and over a year to reach the DX of MS. Like many others, I think I would have been diagnosed with it several years prior, if any doctors had paid attention to my symptoms.
          Anyway, over the last few months the only eye related issue I've had is twitching in my right eye. It happens randomly throughout the day and not every day.

        2. My eye trouble is with the back of the brain, not my eyeball. When I have problems, what I do is go into a dark room with the door open and cup my hand and place it over the eye, eye open to see which eye it is. I do not put pressure on the eye. Your eyes are wonderful; Your eyes share the vision from both eyes about 80/20 90/10 for each eye. What you see in your left eye, some of it can be seen in the brain by the right eye. I know this is hard to believe, but there is a crossover of nerves in the brain. Hope this helps you understand what is happening.

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