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Vision problems

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  1. I have not been able to see out of my right eye for a couple years now. My left eye sees 20/20 my right eye was 20/80 last time it was checked and that eye was almost completley color blind. I have tried multiple rounds of IV steroids but nothing has helped. In fact I am pretty sure it is getting worse again. Now my right eye is so blurry I can just barely make out rough shapes with it I am hoping that someone will look at this forum that has had success with something other than IV steroids at solving a similar problem to this and will tell me so I can talk to my Doc about it. I am scareed I will be completely blind or that there is no better with this eye and it is permanent

    1. Hi Nick. I also have vision problem's. My right eye also. Last round of steroids did nothing. Eye exam showed nothing wrong with eye and 20/30 vision. Eye Dr.feels it is brain related. Duh. Neurologist says it is vascular. Sent me for Labs and get another MRI on Wednesday. I can't even describe what my eye does. I feel lost all the time. Feel like I am a space cadet. Better if in a dark room. I am able to use medical cannabis which makes me not notice my vision i issue. Very very frustrating. I have been told it will not go to the other eye. But who really knows. Best wishes to you.

      1. I don't know if this will give you hope or not but I have gotten used to the problem. My other eye has compensated and so it is a minor problem. It is frustrating and I can almost always see some of the blur but it does not stop me from living. Hopefully your problem will settle down and go away. I hope your doctors are right and it won't go to the other eye but I have been lied to so many times that I have little trust in doctors, really they are wrong a lot not try to lie to me but still. I really hope you find something that helps. If you do let me know and I will do the same, good luck

        1. I’m new to Ms, just diagnosed in August, but think i have had it for years. Been diagnosed with belles palsy about 5 times due to facial numbness. Finally went to see Neurologist when i started having tingling, burning sensation down and difficultly moving my left leg. after a battery of test finally dx with MS. Several months ago i noticed, esp when i’m tired, i get a very bright semicircle in my peripheral vision field. it is so bright and has triangles around the edges with a prisim effect (reminds me of a reses peanut butter cup wrapper). when it starts i loose my peripheral vision. I can’t tell which eye it is because even when i close my eyes it is there. usually after a few minutes of lying in the dark with my eyes closed it will go away. It usually on lasts about 30 minutes, but have been noticing a more increase in blurred vision. My MRI did not show any brain lesions either.

          1. According to the doctors I don't have any active lesions either but I guess that means they are just old lesions ruining things still. Hopefully things get better as you get treatment. I hate the vision issues but all the other symptoms suck as well so all I can figure to do is be glad it isn't worse. I won't be mad if it gets better but I don't expect it will.

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