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What tips or tricks do you have for using your smartphone?

  1. When using my so-called smart phone nowadays I have to use a stylus because I miss the target with just a finger. Grrrr

    1. All of us miss the time Pre-MS, but I've had it 32 years now, and it does get easier, at least for me. I use my Contact List to help. For example, I have the lawn guy (who mows our yard) under his name and "Lawn". That way, when I forget his name, I can easily find his phone number. Another one is Pharmacy. It's also under Publix (where the pharmacy is located). It does help.

      I also keep an emergency list. This is just a list of my current meds, that I have MS (and no, I'm not drunk, and most likely I can't walk a straight line). I've used it twice in the last 5 years.

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