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Treatment in Prison-TDCJ


I was diagnosed with MS in 2009 and have been navigation the usual problems encountered. I also am involved with Prison Ministries in Texas. I recently became aware of an inmate who has MS and wants to be transferred to a unit within the TDCJ which has AC. I know what it is like for me during the Texas summers and was wondering if anyone has had any experiences dealing with MS in State prisons.



  1. Hi @dontheo, you are awesome to inquire about options that might help this inmate.

    I personally don't know anyone in this predicament but it seems inhumane to keep a prisoner in a kind of facility that could greatly worsen their incurable, often progressive condition. If they keep hitting brick walls, maybe they could seek legal counsel.

    There's a recent court case involving a woman with MS in an AZ state prison (Kendall Johnson) which is more about poor healthcare options in prisons in general, but in her case she sought out help when her legs went numb and it took several years before anyone addressed her condition and she got an actual diagnosis.

    I can't find any new information on this trial yet (it started in November) but I'll keep an eye out and maybe add this to my queue of things to write about.

    ~Tamara, community advocate

    1. So sorry, I just saw your post and it is October😀. I thought I would get some kind of notification on replies from the site. Thanks for the advice.

    2. Hi ! For some reason, the tag in 's response is not highlighted, so it didn't work. Our apologies. That happens now and then for some reason. I am glad you finally saw it though. Wishing you the best! - Lori (Team Member)

  2. Hello , As said, you are awesome in trying to help this inmate. I do not have any knowledge about dealing with MS in prisons, but perhaps contacting the prison medical unit about this could be an option to pursue. Or, maybe the inmate has a family member or friend that can advocate for him/her. MS is definately a chronic, disabling and progressive disease that needs to be brought to the prison's attention for this inmate. Best wishes, Debbie (Team Member)

    1. Hi Debbie, thank you for your reply. I guess I am also a little technically challenged when it comes to forums. How do I turn on notification regarding replies. Thank you again and sorry for the response so late

    2. Hi . The tag was active in this post, so you should have received a notification. To check your notification settings, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of this page and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Notifications." To the right of the "Notifications" heading on the Notifications page, you will see the word "settings." Click on "settings." The settings for all your notifications should appear. You can customize them to suit your preferences. Don't forget to click "Save Changes" when you are done. I hope that helps! Feel free to private message me if you need anything else. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

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