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Trials starting for CAR-T cells for MS

It's for "re-setting the immune system" -

Researchers have therefore turned to CAR T cells, and specifically to those that kill B cells carrying a protein called CD19. CAR T cells are better cell killers than are the antibodies, and seem to penetrate into tissues including the brain that antibodies can’t reach. More thorough depletion of these B cells, the theory goes, should reset the malfunctioning immune system — halting the brain damage that defines the disease

Doesn't sound as though it will repair myelin or reverse the nerve damage that has already occurred.

However, if this works, it would likely be a one-and-done, unlike current DMT drugs that require repeated and multi-year use.

  1. thanks for sharing this article and your perspective on it. It's certainly an interesting concept. Is it one that you would consider yourself?
    Alene, moderator

    1. Probably not, so long as my CIS remains CIS (i.e., a single incident, no progression). Same reason I chose not to do any DMT. It was 2020-2021, no vaccines for COVID yet. I really didn't want to walk around immunosuppressed. My neurologist said this was a reasonable option but obviously, if anything changed, to contact him immediately. Knock on wood, I've had no additional occurrences and it has been four years.

      1. ,
        Thanks so much for sharing this article.
        It certainly sounds hopeful.
        There has been quite a bit of discussion about CAR-T cell therapy on our sister site Many of the community members have shared positive outcomes.
        We can only hope and pray that this can soon make a difference for many in our MS community.
        Sending you all my best, Doreen (Team Member)


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