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Trying to work

I haven’t worked since December of 2017. I was very sick and after going to the ER because of vision loss and getting an MRI, I was diagnosed with MS in January of this year. By the time I was diagnosed I was already a 6.0 on the EDSS. I tried to go back to work full time in August and lasted three days and was unable to walk to my car. I quit and am now trying to work part time. I’m supposed to start next week but I’ve been feeling worse and worse over the last couple of weeks with even worse fatigue than normal. I’m having trouble with digestion which is new. I eat and the food sits in my stomach for hours leaving me bloated and nauseous. My bowels feel clogged up and then suddenly I’ll have diarrhea and I didn’t make it to the bathroom one time. I’m doubting my ability to work even part time. My husband is usually very supportive but when I mentioned my fears about working part time he told me I need to push through. Grr. I’m discouraged that I seem to be getting worse with no signs of remission. Thanks for listening.

  1. I try to work part-time, but not very often, even though I'm not really able to and have to hobble around with my cane and gobble lots of pain pills. I just start to go beserk with being lonely and useless and miss having someone to talk to. I keep on having bouts of constipation followed by long periods of diarrhea which can go on for days so I'll either be wearing a pad or Depends. I am sorry that your husband is not very supportative of you, it's not a very nice thing to tell someone like us to just push through it, he just doesn't know how hard that it is. Nobody will know what we go through except us. I wish we could really get the word out with what we go through every day and no day is the same as the previous one.

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