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Has anyone had unexplained falls?

Last year I had 4 falls and have no idea what happened. I would either wake up, having fallen face forward, or my husband would find me on the floor. All these caused me to have at least 4 concussions and multiple other injuries. I've never heard of this happening with MS and have gotten no explanation from doctors. So, I'm just wondering if anyone else has gone through something like this?

  1. Hi Kiara,
    yes, in fact that's what led me (finally) to go to the dr. and then a neurologist. Only they were more like someone came up behind me and pushed me....hard!
    I had several of those experiences. It was very strange.

    1. Keep in mind that not everything that happens is MS related. What you describe sounds like a blackout; it was not a slip, trip or fall which is what typically happens with MS. Blackouts are caused by many things not related to MS. I would recommend that you talk to your neurologist about what has occurred if you have not done so already. However, MS can on occasion cause seizures (see attached article), and seizures can occur with or without warning as you describe. Not all seizures are convulsive, but all need treatment.

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