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Has anyone experienced vision problems and loss of vision in one eye?

Hello. I am newly diagnosed with MS. I woke up the other morning with my right eye killing me and it felt like it was going to pop out. Went to the doctor and my pupils were not reacting like they should so they sent me to the eye doctor. Long story short, MRI revealed I have MS. Has anyone experienced vision problems and loss of vision in one eye?

  1. Hi, ! I am sorry you are dealing with a diagnosis of MS. To answer your question, yes, many of our members have experienced MS related vision issues and some, like you, have been diagnosed after a vision event. Here's some basic information on MS related vision issues -- And here is one of our contributor's experience with optic neuritis (check out the many reader comments following the article for more member input) -- You're definitely not alone in this!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I thought maybe this article might be of some help sonjajarboe:
      A vision problem (nystagmus) was one of the first symptoms I had that eventually led me to a neurologist which diagnosed me with ms.
      Also thought this link might help since you are newly diagnosed:
      Remember, we're here for you! Janus

      1. Hi! I'm also newly diagnosed and I had nearly exactly the same experience. One day I woke up with pain in my eye, weird vision problems too. I dealt with it for a few days expecting it to go away, then eventually went to a GP who sent me to an opthamologist (who checked for glaucoma) who then sent me on to an eye surgery, where they decided it was optic neuritis. I was given some eye drops for it and sent home again, but it didn't get better, so I went back, and then it was to the emergency room, a heap of tests, and eventually an MRI, revealing it was RRMS. It wasn't fun but at least I know what was causing it now I guess.

        1. hi! While I have not been officially diagnosed, my Dr is convinced it is MS. Had a negative lumbar puncture. I have had symptoms for a number of years but thought it was aging/menopause. However, I was seeing backward text on the TV and had double vision when working on the computer. I get some really bad eye pain but it comes in little spurts from time to time. I also have partial seizures that showed up on an EEG deprived sleep test. But am not aware of them. Ms can affect the part of the brain that may trigger seizures. I have audio sensitivity as well.

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