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Is there anyone using Vumerity and how they are doing? I start this next week.

  1. HI , I am not on Vumerity, but I know a little. Vumerity has the same active ingredient as Tecfidera, so if you are looking for efficacy anecdotes, looking at how people have done on that could be helpful. The advantage of Vumerity over Tecfidera though is that it is allegedly much easier on the gastrointestinal system. So some of the harsher side effects of Tecfidera should not be present with Vumerity. Good luck with it and after you've been on it, please write back with your experiences! This is still pretty new and I'm sure a lot of folks would love to hear how it works for you and if you encounter any issues!

    1. How this go for you, ? I start next week after breaking up with Tecfidera.

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