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Waiting for the Dr. to Return from Vaca

I saw my Dr. on Feb. 1st, after an xray he diagnosed me with Osteoarthritis. But he couldn't explain the numb feeling in my face and scalp the teeth chatter or the random pains that just show up out of nowhere all over my body.
After a long wait I got in to see a neurologist in early May. He diagnosed me, after a series of test, with Sensory Neuropathy. He as well did not address my main symptoms. He, nor the radiologist that read the pictures, did not compare my MRI from a year and 1/2 ago because it was at a different facility even though I told him I had one then.
I finally got him to compare the 2 MRI's and he found some abnormalities, which would have been fine if I had been suffering from high blood pressure and other things. But since I am rather healthy it was abnormal.
I just had a MRI of my neck and a Spinal Tap a few days ago and my Dr. is on vacation until next week....yippieee
This MRI seems to have come back normal and some of the test that were run don't seem to show what the standard value is.
I do appear to have a extremely elevated CSF Protein.
And my CSF Cell Count w/o Diff is Red and Cloudy.
I'm really nervous that this is MS and have no clue what to expect since I have a friend who, for the most part, you couldn't tell has MS and another that seemed to progress very quickly has been incapacitated for some time.
Any encouragement out there?

  1. , I am so sorry you are in this predicament and kind of stuck in limbo until your doctor gets back from vacation, How frustrating, to say the least.

    Your elevated numbers appear to indicate something going on, but what that might be is for your doctor to diagnose. And it may require more testing.

    I guess that's not very encouraging, is it?

    That said, whatever you are facing, it sounds like you are proactive about managing your health, you aren't afraid to speak up for yourself, and you are interested in learning more about whatever condition you may have. Those are very powerful weapons to have in your arsenal (or tools in your toolbox if you find that weapon comparison a little heavy handed). A well informed patient that is willing to fight for answers is a pretty powerful person! And, if you are not thrilled with the level of care and interest you have received from the radiologist and neurologist, you have the right to seek another opinion.

    It can feel incredibly annoying and dismissive when doctors won't take the time to talk to you or review your test results or consider any of your input. And you deserve better than that.

    Don't be afraid to keep advocating for yourself! And whether you are facing MS or another condition, research and treatment options are improving all the time and you have options. And you don't face this alone. We're here for you!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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