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Waiting on an MRI

Hello all,
I've been reading and reading and reading. Hoping to get an answer before I get an answer I guess.

I try to make this as short as possible so not to bore anyone.

18ish yrs ago while pregnant with my second, I had a bad headache and my eyes hurt to move, woke the next morning with not vision in my right eye.

The standard procedure was GP, optometrist, ophthalmologist, neurologist. Had IV steroids, MRI, Lumbar puncture and neurologist exam.

The outcome from then was- ON (sight never returned) I have about 5% proriferal, lessions on my optic nerve only and the weird symptoms.
I was told it was fibro, it was all in my head and that's that.

Fast forward to the last 6 months or so and one of my grown children noticed my head bobbing. This happened again and again. My brother had come to visit and seen it so I decided to go to the GP.

The GP was good, run through history with him, told him anout all those years ago and he referred me to the public hospital neurologist.
That referral was rejected.

GP then referred me to a private neurologist here in Toowoomba and I seen him on Thursday 4-8-22 just gone.
My balance is pretty bad along with my legs from knee down.

He said I am pretty certain its MS Lynda. MRI with contrast is on the 8-9 and a phone appointment with him on the 15-9 for results.

I just remembered that all those yrs ago I was told that I might get MS in 10-15yrs. So yeah, here I am 18 nearly 19 yrs later.

Neurologist said that the nerves in my legs will not improve but hopes that as soon as we have an answer we'll talk medication.

Anyway guys, thanks for taking the time to read.
As I've been lurking in the background reading and learning from Everyone thank you for sharing all that you do!

  1. Hi . Welcome to the community! I am so glad you found us and that you are finding the support and resources helpful. I don't know how any competent doctor could have concluded your symptoms were all in your head with lesions on the optic nerve and your vision loss. I hope that doctor is no longer practicing. The brain and the Central Nervous System are unpredictable. If MS lesions are causing your balance problems, it is possible some of those lesions might heal, or that the brain might find other pathways. It is also possible that the reduction in inflammation from medication will take pressure off your nerves and allow for some recovery. Anything can happen. So don't discount that possibility entirely. Thank goodness your primary care doctor is being to reactive. I hope you do not have MS, but know that we are here for you, regardless. Please keep us posted if you are comfortable doing so. I will be thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. My new neurologist actually said the same thing about the old one!
      Nevermind though, I'll just chill and wait to hear what goes on...

      With 8 children and a foster daughter, I have my hands full.

      Just to clarify, 4 no longer live at home, they've grown into beautiful humans. The ones remaining at home are.... 16 girl, nearly 17 foster,
      6 boy, 5 boy and 4 boy.

      Hahahaha, just had a great question for everyone and I've forgotten it.
      That happens alot!
      Dropping things also happens alot, tripping... not falling because lucky I am able to save myself.

      Thanks for the reply Lori, I appreciate your time.

      1. Hi . You sure have a lot to keep your mind occupied while you wait for that MRI and the results! How wonderful that you have such a huge family. I hope they are surrounding you with comfort and love. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

      2. , I am glad you finally jumped in and posted here! I can't really add anything to what Lori already shared, but I wanted to say welcome (even though you've been reading here for awhile).

        No matter what your diagnosis may be, know you are welcome here. We have a few community members that haven't been diagnosed with MS, but deal with a variety of MS-like symptoms, if that makes sense.

        I am glad your new neurologist is on top of things! And my goodness, I thought I had my hands full with four kiddos! Whew! You have quite an age spread as well! I hope the kids are able to help out when needed and offer you some distraction from the waiting game!

        Best, Erin, Team member.

    2. Good morning,
      Its 5:54am in QLD, Australia.
      Nice early start to the day.

      This morning my lower back is extremely uncomfortable,
      I already feel agitated, but I do my best and allow the cuteness and love from the little boys to surround me.... that along with my coffee and our newest addition is JENGA an 8 week old male Pug.
      As you can imagine he is the pinnacle of adorable!

      My eldest son is battling with testicular cancer and seems to be winning! Come to think of it the time line of my symptoms and he's diagnosis was about the same! Which was in Dec last year. So maybe for longer than I thought 😬.
      His tumour markers have come back to normal after 7 weeks of chemo! So proud of him and how he has managed the situation.

      So, hmmmm...🤔
      If stress throws things about then it would make sense on that front, right?
      Also these symptoms seem to be getting worse with new ones adding. Every couple of days. No real break over the past 7-8 months... just those same annoying things that you "live" with, you believe are just normal.
      My left shoulder has what I would describe as a lock?
      Let's say I go to move it any which way and it won't move past, it locks, stopping me and having to drop my arm immediately. Its not the same point each time just same shoulder. Which in turn my arm is feeling heavy.
      Just thought I'd ask if it is a thing or should I see the GP about it.

      Thanks again, lovely to chat to you all... there's a lot to read so I hope I wasn't to much over the place this mornin.

      1. Hi . How awesome that your son is doing so well! It is quite possible that the stress over his diagnosis activated your MS. People are often able to look back and point to some kind of triggering event -- childbirth, a difficult illness, job loss, that kind of thing. I am glad you are seeing your GP about the shoulder. The symptoms might be MS-related, but they might also be something entirely different that can be easily treated. Only one more month until that MRI! I hope you are finding ways to keep yourself busy so the time passes faster. Gentle hugs! - Lori (Team Member)

    3. Good luck with your MRI today. Are they doing brain, spine or both? I see a neuro for the first time today after my abnormal MRI many weeks ago. My daughter has MS and the person who read my MRI wrote that MS is one of a few possible diagnosis. I hope you don't have to wait too long for the results of your MRI.

      1. Hi! My MRI isn't until the 8th of next month so I little bit if a wait but not much. Once I have my MRI with contrast which I believe is both brain and spine, I will have a phone appointment with my neurologist on the 15th of next so the wait between them is pretty short realistically 😁..

        I hope you receive an answer from your neurologist so you're not left in limbo! Please keep me updated if you feel ok with that. Best of luck today!

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