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Waiting to see dr

About 6 months ago I developed a tremble in my right shoulder. At first I thought it was just nerves. I've been through a very trying past 2 years and also have the worst form of bipolar and have severe anxiety so just thought it was coming from that. It kept getting worse so my dr ran an mri of my neck as I had major surgery on it 3 years ago but it showed up fine. 2 years ago I was dx'd with chronic vertigo. Now my left shoulder is totally numb and my hands shake so bad when I rest them on the table my cup and ashtray shake. I can barely write by hand now. My whole body feels strange at times, kind of tingly and numb. I didn't realize how bad my balance was until I tried yoga and just kept tipping over. I just figured it was from the vertigo but now I don't know. I'm 61 years old and that's kind of old to develop MS but have a cousin that was 60 when she was dx'd. I've been trying to get an apt with this MS specialist but just kept getting the answering machine so yesterday I went to his office and the receptionist said she couldn't even talk to me until July to make an appt. Much to my surprise after I got home the dr himself called me. He asked me my symptoms. When I told him he said he needed to see me fast so he worked me in to his other office in less than 3 weeks. I'm very scared. I don't need another illness. I have no energy and have seemed to loose interest in everything.I'm not depressed but more on the manic side which used to give me energy but I just pace now. I'm tired but can't sleep. My feet are really tingling tonight but I walk alright unless the vertigo is bothering me. I haven't had a med change in over 2 years so it's unlikely it's coming from that.

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