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What are some things you are proud of accomplishing despite MS?

I've come across some great posts here lately where folks showed off some incredible things they've done despite their symptoms getting in the way. It really inspired me, so I thought I'd ask for more! So feel free to chime in with anything you are proud to have done despite MS! It's time to brag a little, you've earned it!

I'll start, I got out of bed this morning! OK, that doesn't seem all that big but I'm sure many of you have had days where that is truly a huge accomplishment. What I really want to boast about is that I managed to read every single day of last month. My cognitive issues have really impacted my reading ability in recent years (I've written about that here if you are interested: Making it both challenging and frustrating, so I'm excited that I managed to effectively read each day for a month. Not only read but retain the info. I ended up rereading a lot of parts and some days I only got through one page, but I still did it and I'm pretty pumped about that!

How about you? What have you done recently despite your symptoms getting in the way?

  1. Back lifting weights at the YMCA for 4 months. today's bench press free weights workout.


    1. Awesome, ! That's fantastic. I am glad you're back at it and I hope you are able to continue without another interruption for a good, long time. Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

    2. I'm happy to hear that ! Keep at it!

  2. Hi all. Well this week I worked my first 3 consecutive day shifts since my diagnosis 5 months ago. Well unfortunately the third day was a struggle. At least I tried and now I know I can't work conservative days, so I will continue every 2nd day.
    I'm on a mission to lose weight, watching what I eat and doing yoga and HIIT daily. It is taking a lot of motivation especially with managing my pain levels, but I'm not stopping this time

    1. Hi . How awesome that you made it through those first two days so well. I hope that your employer remains patient and cooperative as you figure this out. Self-care is so important. Weight loss can be tough, but we are here for you whenever you need support. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    2. That's awesome !

  3. I was able to remain teaching for 10 after the dx. Raised my kids on my own.

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