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What are tips for motivation?

I’ve had PPMS for the last 17 years. Ambulatory, but extreme weakness in left arm/leg. Must use can to walk when I go outside.

My question is:

I purchased a condo 10 years ago, gutted it and have been putting the interior back together the way I want it.

The last 3 years or so I have become so unmotivated to finish this condo. I keep putting things off & putting things off. (Fatigue does not enter into this.)

Mentally I have all good intentions to start work on certain days, but never can get myself in gear to accomplish anything!

I have never lived in chaos before & this is driving me mad. I have always finished things I start without a problem. As stated previously it’s just in the last 3 years ‘I can’t get my act together.’

Has anyone else experienced this problem or know of someone with MS who has? What mentally prompted them to complete their task - if they ever did? I do not know whether to go to a therapist or not - if I can work this out on my own.

I am finding this situation to be ridiculous & obviously nonproductive.

Any suggestions will help!

Thanks so much!


  1. Hi, !

    First off, kudos on renovating your condo! I always have lofty goals of tackling hard projects around the house, but then I remember I end up swearing at the lawn mower a lot and realize some of us aren't meant to do challenging home projects 😉 . So, you have my admiration!

    Keeping motivation is hard in the best of circumstances and adding MS to the mix makes it even harder! This is a topic that does come up from time to time in this community, so I hope others will see your post and share their tips and tricks for getting and staying motivated. Really, it can be a bit of trial-and-error. You may have to try different ideas to find the one that works best for you.

    I am fond of 'tricking myself' and that's what happens to work for me (but not as much for other members of my household). I will tell myself I only have to work for a set time (10 minutes; 30 minutes, whatever). Then, when that time is up, I can stop working. Many times I will keep working even after my time is up, but sometimes, I really do stop after ten minutes (or whatever my preset time limit was). I just need to get over that first hurdle and I am usually good to go. But again, this method doesn't seem to work for my husband or kids. Every person has to find what works best for them. And I know not all home projects can be left after only ten minutes of work, so you might try some other method to motivate. Ice cream is a GREAT motivator for one of my teens, but I know us adults sometimes have to be careful to not overindulge (ahh, to have the metabolism of a teenager again)! I know some people will only listen to a certain show or podcast while completing an unfun task (folding laundry, weed pulling, scrubbing toilets, etc) as a way to stay motivated.

    I wanted to share one of our contributor's article on motivation. Some community members share their ideas in comments at the end of the article, too. Maybe this will give you some new ideas to try! Good luck and let us know if you find your own way to get and stay motivated!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

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