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What to do about the tingling in my feet?

  1. Hi Yoshitail9! I am sorry you are dealing with this issue. While numbness and tingling are often considered common MS issues, that doesn't make them any less frustrating to manage! That said, the most common treatment for this issue is medication. If the tingling is very bothersome for you, you can discuss possible treatments with your physician. You can read more about it here -- Thank you for reaching out and I hope you get some relief from tingling feet very soon. Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. Thanks Erin. I was diagnosed in 1979. That is when the tingling started and has been with me 24/7 since then. Tried gabapentin but it made my legs feel weaker. Asked my Neuro about those Lyrics commercials and he said that since I didn't tolerate the gabapentin this would be a no go. Symptons have progressed over the past year. Seeing him next month. Stay posted

  2. Hi Yoshitail9,
    Please do keep us posted!
    Meagan, Team Member

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