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When is it time to go?

For the past five years, I have been getting around with a scooter, but able to get myself and my scooter in and out of the car independently, albeit scary sometimes. And I drive with hand controls. Now that my abilities have recently made that even more slow and difficult, I am thinking about finally quitting my job. This is so difficult for me. I have total support from my husband and my employer to either continue working, quit completely, or continue telecommuting for a large portion of the week. That's why it is so hard! My husband can only take me to work 1-2 times a week in addition to taking our two very active children where they need to go. This in addition to managing his own career and everything in our household. My boss is fine with not having me physically there all the time, but I feel I am not doing all that I can do or should be doing either for my employer for for my family right now. Help!

  1. Becky, it sounds like you have reached a tough crossroad. And now you need to listen to your heart - what does it tell you to do ? Giving up a career that you worked for and enjoy, and maybe even need for the pay and benefits, is a hard choice to make. But will you and your family be better off? Can you manage the working from home?

    It also sounds like you are pressuring yourself to perform at a level that might not be realistic. The self-imposed doubts are horrible and perhaps you would benefit from talking to someone about this situation? The NMSS society has great MS Navigators who are available 24/7. That might be useful for you as you try to sort out your decision. Good luck - it's not easy. Laura

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