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Who has had HSCT?

I would like to hear others' stories and effects on who has had HSCT done? I'm tired of them coming out with A NEW DRUG to SLOW MS. I have SPMS and still walk with a walker. (I have for 6 years now. Diagnosed over 15 years ago with MS) With the treatments in Canada using HSCT bone marrow treatments. I want it to be FDA approved in the US SOON! How do we start an on-line petition for the President?

If it is working in Canada and Mexico is doing it among other countries, are the drug companies the hold up in America, the FDA, what? The last President pushed Alzheimer's Disease. Think how many thousand people he could get off gov't disability by approving? Drugs don't help everyone, they didn't me! If it's being done in other countries, don't they have meetings worldwide for MS doctors to meet at? Mine goes.

Why can't they use each other's information on this topic? Why does EACH COUNTRY have to do a separate study? Why are other diseases cancer, alzheimer's making advances. When most people get MS they are between 20 and 40 years old, some have jobs and families they are trying to work with! Think how much money that would save the gov't by FIXING MS and getting people back to work and back in society to help the economy?

  1. Hi . One of contributors is writing a series about his experience with HSCT. Here's the first article of the series we've published so far: Also, another one of contributors recently wrote about called "All I Want for Christmas Is a Cure for This D**n Disease" which touches upon similar issues that you spoke about in your question: Hopefully, others in the community can share their experiences with HSCT. - Kelly, Team Member

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