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Why Don't Dr.'s Understand?

Moved from Cali to Ga. Found new GP & Neurologist. Both Dr.'s told me that there is "No Pain" with MS. So, why would I ask for pain meds for my MS. Made me feel like I was just looking for pills. I told both of them them that my GP Dr. @ UCLA did prescribe pain meds, that I take on the bad days. (I'm not looking for more crap to take.)
I got so discussed that they didn't understand anything abt.MS. I wanted to scream. I did proceed to tell them that they need to get more updated info from the "MS SOCIETY" and they are NOT the one with this disease. .I'm a 64 year old women that has MS and other health issues. Including Fibromyalgia, RLS, Muscle Spasms, Back Fusion, Chronic Migraines and Post Menopausal. What the "H_LL"? Has anyone had the same issue with Dr's? And what do we do to get these Dr's more educated on MS?
Thanks, Jan

  1. unfortunately there are many uninformed doctors out there and ms is tricky stealth illness. would try a large city university hospital neurologist.My experience with general practice has generally been useless .Try a recommendation from ms society for a dr with a lot of ms patients.

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