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Work or SSDI?

I have not been officially diagnosed...that apparently won't happen until Feb when I go back to the neurologist. I had neuro psychological testing Monday, and can see where I'm just not as sharp as I once was. The neuro is trying to rule out Parkinson-ism and Alzheimer's.

I quit my job back in August (legal secretary), partly because of the leg weakness, the cogfog, the stuttering, the pain in my hands, not to mention the stachybotrus I had been exposed to for over a year, oddly when a lot of my troubles started. MRI shows white matter disease, the need to rule out MS even though the 'lesions' are not typical of MS. (which I still don't understand)

I have horrid charley horses at night or when I get cold, constant cold hands and feet, foot drag, back cramps, vision problems, hearing problems, the fatigue just kicks my butt, constant bathroom stops...etc....etc....etc.

I have been diagnosed with chronic migraines with aura & status migranious. I am gluten intolerant, but it's not celiac's, chocolate, dairy, nuts, cooking oils intolerant.

I am 50 yrs old and I'm am in such a quandary as to whether I should try to find other work, NOT mold infested!, or if I should get my SSDI application started. Some days are good, some days aren't.

One of the downfalls is, to get a good paying job, I would have to travel a major interstate each way, I have vision issues as it is, along with night blindness, the eye doctor strongly suggested I not drive at night at all.

Does any have any suggestions or if your situation is similar, what did you do?

  1. I forgot to add...I have alopecia aerata, and have from age 7 as well as constant cycling shingles.

    1. Hi MommaCin, in addition to any community feedback you may receive, I wanted to share some information we have on applying for SSDI. Applying can be a long process, so only you can decide if it's time to pursue this option or not. Here is the link to a good article on the process of applying for SSDI -- Whether you choose to work or not, I do hope you find the option that works the best for you! Thank you for reaching out. Best, Erin, Team Member.

      1. Thak you Erin, I'm just starting the process. I'm 58 years old. The job I have is alot of lifting people and I find myself getting weaker everyday. I trip so much at work people joke about "them cracks in the floor". It is hard to have your co-workers see this. Falling infront of them is worse, that has happen to many times.

        1. Work as long as you can. I was given a note to my employer from my neurologist for 2 weeks off. They decided to let me go. If you get a note and can still work keep working. SSDI is a difficult thing.

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