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How do I keep working?

I am 32 years old and have had MS for 14 years in October... I work a full-time job and I feel like it’s killing me. I have no quality of life and am suffering through everyday... I have a few good hours some days but then the crash... I cannot afford to not work.... please help.

  1. Hi Amanda,

    I can relate. I’m 31 and was diagnosed a few years ago. My job is very stressful and feel most days are hard to get through. I’ve thought about trying to find something fully remote or part-time. Short term disability may also be an option, but want to leave that as a last option.
    I hope someone else may have some insight on this topic!

    1. The longer you keep putting a stress in your body the worse you can make the multiple sclerosis trust me im right there i havent been able to work any longer 3 1/2 yrs and still fighting for my ssi ridiculous cayse multiple sclerosis is one of the top ten things that qualify you to get ssi mine has progressed more since i been diagnosed 3 1/2 yrs ago but your body is telling you that your doing too much your hurting yourself trying to survive you should do your disability n at the same time when you get it apply for ssi

      1. Hi , I understand exactly what your going through (I talk about it here: Before I ended up on disability, I felt the same way, like I was just treading water, trying to stay afloat, surviving, but not really thriving. It's a tough place to be. I don't have much advice other than it might be time to stop and really evaluate life and see where you might be able to make changes (can you take a different position? should you be on disability? can someone help out with tasks around the house? etc.)

        1. Amanda,
          Is it possible to ask for an Accommodation under the ADA act? Maybe doing the job remotely, a more flexible schedule (3 days onsite, 2 days at home), or even part time. Investigate if it’s possible

          Try to figure out what will be best for your overall health and quality of life. You don’t want the decision to be made for you.

          Take care. Lisasnyc

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