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Zinbryta anyone?

I have been on a handful of meds since 1994. Avonex,copaxone, Rebif and Tecfidera. I was taken off my last meds due to low white count (Tecfidera) and my doctor wants me to try zinbryta. I was just curious if anyone else had tried it and how you are handling it.

  1. Hi lazygsd! While I don't have any personal experience with Zinbryta, I do hope you get some feedback from our members that have used this particular medication. I do have some basic information about Zinbryta that you may find interesting -- Like some of the other medications you have tried, Zinbryta does require regular monitoring to make sure you are not experiencing any serious side effects. I do hope you get some more input from our members and that this medication is a good fit for you! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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