Adios, Summer!

I’m SO tired. My back hurts. My brain hurts. Why can I not think straight? My mood is all over the place.

Tired of the heat

These are just a few of the many emotions and issues I’ve felt over the last month. Some months and even entire seasons are just so much more difficult than others. This past summer has been one of those seasons for me. I love summer, but as I get older, the heat is really beginning to take its toll. The heat and humidity this past summer were (and still are) overwhelming and my body suffers because of it. It always feels like when one thing goes wrong with MS; then the rest is sure to follow. It’s the domino effect. Once that first one is knocked down, the rest is crashing down right behind. The heat causes me to be fatigued, my mind turns to mush, and my mood transforms into something volatile. All I can do is blame MS. Well, maybe the heat too. Anybody else ready for fall?

I'm tired and weary

Seriously though, I’ve noticed a trend in that the end of every summer, my body is DONE. It tells me in its own ways that it can’t take anymore. It’s exhausted and overwhelmed by everything. Between the heat, humidity, and the constant go, go, go to one summer activity to the next, it’s a lot for a body with MS to handle! I walked out of the door the other morning, and it was already so hot, I felt like the air was weighing me down. The heat drains me, it weakens me, and man it puts me in a lousy mood! I’m tired and weary, and I’m looking forward to some relief as fall comes around. At least I pray for relief. You never know what fall will look like here in Texas...

Finding solace in the fall weather

Fall is my absolute favorite season for many reasons. My birthday is in the fall, I got married in the fall, and I love fall decorations and holidays. Also, fall leads to winter which is my next favorite season. One huge reason that I enjoy the fall is that my body loves it. It’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold, it’s perfect “MS weather” in my opinion. I’m so excited to walk outside and not feel like I’m immediately knocked down by heat. My muscles and joints find solace in the fall weather, and my body doesn’t hurt near as badly. I also feel better overall. I may catch a cold or two, but I’ll take a cold any day compared to having MS flares from the heat. I’m most comfortable in fall weather, fall clothing (give me all of the plaid), drinking fall beverages, curling up with a good book by a fire. Just give me all things fall! The fall for us is hectic, but it gives my body a chance to recover from the summer. It gives me a moment to prepare for winter and go into hibernation mode until summer rears it’s ugly head again. I’m just kidding, I don’t hibernate, but boy do I wish I could sometimes!

Who else is ready for fall?

I know this was short and sweet, but again, it’s been a rough summer, and my brain hurts. Summer heat is dwindling, and fall is quickly approaching! I’m so grateful and excited! Crisp fall mornings, hot cider, pumpkins, pies, plaid, sweaters, boots, and colorful falling leaves. Who’s with me?

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

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