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Popular Reads From the Last 10 Years

Our wonderful community at MultipleSclerosis.net would not be possible without our incredible health leaders! Through every article they write and share with us, they are opening up their hearts and worlds to help others understand the complexities of MS. They also help people who are facing the same challenges feel less alone.

10 amazing MS articles

For MultipleSclerosis.net's 10th anniversary, we wanted to share 10 popular articles from the last 10 years!

  1. Some of the Weirder MS Symptoms
    Do you experience a sensation that your legs are wet? An electric shock through your body? Devin discusses these symptoms and much more in this article, and it sounds like many of our community members can relate to these unusual sensations.
  2. Leg Weakness
    Calie dives into the realities of living with leg weakness caused by MS. She talks about the fatigue, buzzing, and burning that often accompany it. Plus, she provides tips for coping with the challenge!
  3. Inside an MS Exacerbation
    What exactly is an exacerbation, or relapse, or flare-up? Devin breaks down what happens to our nervous systems and what it can mean for long-term damage.
  4. You Know You Have MS When
    "When you feel good enough to walk the dog and your legs feel like they are encased in cement after just going around the block." We compiled responses from our community members who truly understand the daily struggle.
  5. Asking Myself the Hard Questions
    Dianne leads us through her self-reflection journey. Asking ourselves the hard questions isn't easy, but it's important.
  6. That Crazy Itch You Just Can't Satisfy
    Itching is a symptom of MS that isn't often talked about. Lisa discusses possible causes and treatments for this annoying symptom!
  7. Why Don't My MRI Images Match My Symptoms?
    Laura asked this question and finally got an answer from one of her neurologists. Read about the explanation she provided.
  8. When I'm Told, "It Could Be Worse"
    "Yeah, I know it could be worse . . . but it could also be better." Ashley describes her emotional and mental state when dealing with comments like this.
  9. Things I Wish People Knew About MS & Triggers
    What exactly are triggers, and why do they vary from person to person? Devin explains some common triggers and how he recognizes his own.
  10. Dealing With the Never-Ending Unknowns of MS Is Such a Pain for Me – Literally
    Jennifer opens up about her MS-related trigeminal neuralgia. She describes the piercing pain and its ongoing impact on her daily life.

With a decade's worth of health leader articles, we've covered a lot of MS-related topics. But there is always more to discuss about life with MS! If there are other topics you're interested in reading about, please comment below.

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