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I Am Worthy! Navigating Your Worth With a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

The lack of feeling worthy comes up quite often when I listen to my clients struggles. Clients have asked, “Why would someone want to be with me with this disease, diagnosis, or condition”?

Whether it be a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, cancer diagnosis, or whatever the diagnosis, disease, or condition may be, I challenge my clients to look inward at the person they are without the diagnosis. This challenge can be incredibly hard and isn’t meant to put the client in denial, but to see oneself for who she or he truly is.

The importance of self-worth

When we can go deep and look inward at who we truly are, and love who we are, this is where healing can happen. I encourage my clients to work on self-love first and once a client gets to a space of self-love, worthiness can follow. Many people base their worth on what others say, think, or how they act towards them. A very empowering challenge is to work on self-love which can take clients months or years.

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Why is self-love so difficult?

I’ve had clients tell me that they feel that if they love themselves that it is egocentric. Many of us were raised to put others first, worry about what others think of us and give ourselves bread crumbs which leaves us feeling empty, depleted, and sometimes, worthless. Self-love is not egocentric; it is crucial to the healing process and to get to a space of knowing ones’ worth.

Rising above

Once the empowering aspect of self-love is realized, clients are more likely to know their worth and will not worry about what others say or think. I love the saying and encourage my clients to think about this - "it is none of my business what others think of me." We cannot change the way someone thinks about us, that is their work.

The ultimate goal

My clients’ work is to love themselves, which leads to knowing their worth and not worry about what anyone else thinks of them, because they are focused on standing in their own power of worthiness. When we get to a place of genuinely loving ourselves, we know our worth.

How MS and self-worth showed up in my life

When I met my fiancé’, I knew he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on our second date. I wasn’t thinking about his diagnosis of MS or if he was worthy, I was enjoying the beautiful person that he was and is today. He exudes self-love and knows his worth, and I felt it and was attracted to him because of it when we first met.

It's not always easy, but it's worth it

I’m not saying that loving yourself is easy. I am saying that this is where true healing, empowerment, and knowing one’s worth is. Self-love to worthiness can take a long time to get to, and it is so worth it, you are so worth it! My hope is that you will take the time to get to know and love the beautiful person that you are which can lead to worthiness. I also hope that you don’t waste your time on people who don’t see or know your worth...they are not your people and that is their work. If you are struggling with feeling worthy, your work is self-love which can lead to knowing your worth.

Love yourself, you are so worth it!

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