Our MS Superheroes and Their Sidekicks

March is multiple sclerosis (MS) awareness month! This year, we are honoring the many superheroes of MS and their sidekicks (also known as caregivers, friends, family members, and pets). We asked our patient advocates who their sidekicks were - who provides the greatest support in your life? Here is what they had to say.

Thankful for our MS sidekicks

MultipleSclerosis.net community advocate DebbieGrizzly knows I can’t walk; he doesn’t understand why. But I know he understands my situation, as he always licks my knees. Griz patiently sits still with one paw raised during my mood swings; but dashes quickly to get Hubby if he hears my distress call, “cuck-koo!” Each day as I get on my scooter for our morning walk, he looks up at me happily, then leaps when I say, “Let’s go!” My sidekick gives me non-stop emotional support, no matter the situation. - Debbie, Community Advocate

MultipleSclerosis.net community advocate Lisa EmrichHow do you know if you are a superhero unless you have a sidekick? When I’m cycling up and over the hills, it can feel like I’m flying. Flying in the air like Superwoman. Multitalented Superwoman — MS — that’s me! My bike has become a friend who silently encourages me to get out and be active. In doing so, I stay stronger physically and fuel my mental agility, as there’s a lot of time to live with your thoughts when on a long ride. But the real SUPER sidekick behind the sidekick is my husband who can put a voice to the silent encouragement of the bike. And together, he and I tackle multiple sclerosis while making sure that I stay an awesome MS! - Lisa, Community Advocate

MultipleSclerosis.net community advocate Devin GarlitWhen it comes to superheroes and sidekicks, it's probably no surprise that I am going to mention my dog, Ferdinand. However, I'm going to turn it around a bit and say that he's the superhero and I'm his sidekick. Caring for him and helping him each day has actually benefited my life with MS. Being the Robin to his Batman has given me some importance and a reason to wake up each day. It's made me feel like I'm still doing something with my life and it's been a wonderful distraction from my illness. - Devin, Community Advocate

MultipleSclerosis.net community advocate Nicole LemelleMy Superhero sidekick is my husband. He tells me I’m pretty when I feel I’m not. He holds me up when I can’t walk. He speaks for me when my voice is weak. When I am at my worst, he doesn’t run away. He embraces me. I am so lucky and grateful to have him in my life. My Superhero sidekick is my husband. He wakes me every morning. Helps me get dressed. Brushes my teeth. Cooks breakfast. Helps me eat. And that is just the first 30 minutes of the day. I am so lucky and grateful to have him in my life. - Nicole, Community Advocate

MultipleSclerosis.net community advocate LauraMy superhero in the MS journey is more than 1 person - it is the many people who are willing to participate in research to advance MS care and treatment. I am active in MS research with iConquerMS and other patient-focused research efforts and without the heroic and selfless act of participating in research we would still be stuck in the dark ages of no hope for those of us with multiple sclerosis. So my superhero sidekick choice is an easy one and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you silent heroes. - Laura, Community Advocate

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