By Laura Kolaczkowski - February 16, 2017
Overrated  “(of something) considered to be better than it really is” – Cambridge dictionary. Over-rated is a buzz word these days ever since a high-profile person’s tweet went out about a famous actress being overrated. It... READ MORE

By Meghan Pcsolyar - February 13, 2017
I want to write a little disclaimer before I start this—I understand that everyone’s MS is different. Everyone experiences different symptoms and feelings; some people have much more aggressive MS than I... READ MORE

By Ashley Ringstaff - February 11, 2017
I know that I have probably touched base on this in the past, as many others most likely have… but I wanted to bring up the issue of Isolation & MS. I... READ MORE

By Lisa Emrich - February 9, 2017
Catching a cold is no fun for anybody. But when you live with MS, it can really be disruptive. Just a few days ago, I succumbed to the common cold that has... READ MORE

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