By Kim Dolce - April 3, 2018
For some, mindfulness means meditation. Full-on, lotus positioned, deep-breathing, Oṃ-humming, gazing-at-the-third-eye clearing of the mind’s static. To me that sounds more like mind-emptiness. Keeping my mind full Hence a full mind, or... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - April 1, 2018
Our personal experiences color our perspective and interpretations. This is well known and it is often referred to as bias. Bias isn’t necessarily a bad thing in this concept, but rather an acknowledgement... READ MORE

By Dianne Scott - March 30, 2018
Fantasy Island. One of my favorite childhood shows. Mr. Rourke and his assistant ‘Tattoo’ would welcome guests who wanted to live out a personal fantasy such as, but not limited to, what... READ MORE

By Devin Garlit - March 23, 2018
As I was scrolling through social media yesterday (and during MS Awareness month, I always gain a large number of new “friends” thanks to the awareness banner on my profile picture), I... READ MORE

By Calie Wyatt - March 22, 2018
When asked what I do, I often tell people I’m a stay at home, work from home, wife and mom. I work 2 jobs online, but I am also a full time... READ MORE

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