If you could say something to your newly diagnosed self, what would you say?

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  • alemar0601
    5 days ago

    You’re in for a ride but hang in there

  • @j52f
    6 days ago

    It’s not the end of the world or life. Stay positive life is fluid and changes all the time. Also what ever feelings you experience ‘feelings come and feelings go, feelings are just that Feelings. You dont have to do anything about them. Just feel them.

  • Calie Wyatt moderator
    1 week ago

    I would say, “You are stronger than you ever imagined, and you can get through whatever life throws your way, even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment.”

  • Devin Garlit moderator
    1 week ago

    I’d say that it’s not going to go as you’ve planned, but it’s going to be alright. I’d remind myself that I can do it.

    I’d also emphasize getting the right doctor as soon as I could (https://multiplesclerosis.net/living-with-ms/my-advice-for-newly-diagnosed/) and to stay on a DMD, no matter how I feel.

  • Ana Miguel
    1 week ago

    I would have to say… Remember that you live in the present – please don’t waste your day wondering about how you will be in a five years time. You already know what’s wrong with you and it’s a relief because now you can fight it. Only the things you can control in life can consume your energy 🙂

  • ShelbyComito moderator author
    1 week ago

    I love this advice @ana-miguel!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your perspective. – Shelby, MultipleSclerosis.net Team Member

  • 2 weeks ago

    Get ready!.. it’s unchangeable undeniable unlimited unenviable. Just muddle through. Its LIFE. Thank God IT HAS an end.

  • ShelbyComito moderator author
    1 week ago

    I hear you, @stephna311! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me. – Shelby, MultipleSclerosis.net Team Member

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