Botox usage? good or bad?

Last updated: April 2013

First I would like to express my thanks' to all whom have replied to my first story.

A new issue has arrived for my friend with MS.

She will now be undergoing a in office procedure that consists of over 30 injections around her head of Botox.

She has suffered with sever headache's that start in her head & radiate down her neck to spine.

Lot's of different views form what I have been reading on the use of Botox in MS patience.

I truly believe this will work for her. I have prayed to god & have faith this will work.

During a conversation we had I tried a little phycology trick by telling her this is the best thing that could happen. I said I truly believe this is going to work for no qualms' about it.

I'm not really lying to her because I truly believe that Botox works (for some people).

Anyone have any thought's on this issue?


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