Why can't I obtain my meds?

Why at the start of a new year is it difficult to get your specialty medication filled? Those of us diagnosed with MS know this issue all to well, as I express my insult to injury experiences that occur daily as an MS patient. The start of a new year and I have new medical insurance, thanks to the Obamacare program. The insurance I had last year pulls out of the State of Florida because it isn't financially sound for them to stay in the program. I've picked a new plan in November, paid my premium, made sure it was done before December. Hoping my I.D. Cards would make it before the first of the year. Why you may ask? Because I worry about not getting my meds on time and going off my therapy. It's now the end of January, I still don't have my meds, call the insurance, they refer me to the specialty pharmacy, they in turn tell me my doctor hasn't sent the prior authorization. I was just at my doctors yesterday and the staff said they sent it two days ago. I call my insurance back again, after three transfers and three very long holds, no promising answer to my two month process to obtain my drugs to treat my life long disease. Who knows if this will ever get resolved, but I can assure you my MS has began to exacerbate thanks to the stress and hours spent on the phone, in the car and visits to my doctors office one (1) hour away. How do we control these issues that end up controlling our lives and making us sicker by the day? Join me for the continuation of my story in the not to distant future. Good luck my MS warriors!

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