My Story of How I Was Diagnosed

I was working 3 jobs – 2 jobs as a surgical tech and the other was grooming dogs every weekend or during the week on my days off. I loved all of my jobs and was very active in sports and any other activity that piqued my interest. Started having weird feelings about 17 years ago – problems with my balance, dizziness, fatigue, slept all the time and ignored all of this until I had a complete total relapse that paralyzed me overnight.

I thought an MS diagnosis was a death sentence

In March 2012, had to learn to do everything for myself that took about a year. I was first told I had brain cancer, I had a stroke, I had a brain tumor, and then while in one hospital they transferred me to UNCCH WHERE I WAS FINALLY DIAGNOSED WITH MS AND I WAS SCARED TO DEATH. I THOUGHT IT WAS A DEATH SENTENCE BECAUSE NO ONE WOULD EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO MY BODY AND HAD TO HAVE MRIs very frequently until I got a final diagnosis about six months into this relapse.

I don't know how to accept this horrible disease

I was diagnosed with RRMS and progressively getting worse every day but I have no new lesions just new symptoms that don't seem to go away!! I am always frustrated with myself and others and have lost all my friends, kept a few, the others weren't friends to begin with!! My husband has stayed by my side since my diagnosis and has been so patient with me!! The hardest thing to accept is being disabled. I push myself beyond exhaustion for my granddaughter!! I want to keep her all the time but I'm just not able 😂 and I have a grandson due this month!! I just ordered a scooter to get out and about because I'm sick and tired of sitting in the house!! I just don't know how to make myself accept this horrible disease!! Please help🙏🙏🙏

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