Dangerous Mind

I am 63 years old. I have been diagnosed with MS for over three years. I also have a neuromuscular disorder called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. I have had symptoms of CMT since I was very young.

Accepting the need for mobility aids

I took about 5 years to accept the need for equipment to improve mobility. In that time I fell repeatedly, risking serious injury. Each subsequent device was easier to accept.

MS diagnosis

And then came the diagnosis of MS. I thought I would use my experience with CMT to conquer MS. But that dangerous mind that waited 5 years to get the braces came back. I insisted on making transfers that landed me on the floor frequently. I became very familiar with the local fire department rescue squad who would come in and do a "swoop and scoop," and put me in a chair in my house.

The danger of my constant falls

Finally, my wife and my physical therapist sat me down and explained how my constant falls were draining my wife and could cause such serious injury I might permanently lose my independence.
From then on I followed protocols for transfers. The rescue squad became strangers again and my relationship with my wife improved immensely.

Listening to "safe mind" versus "dangerous mind"

Do I still feel like taking risks? Of course. But I do so in consultation with my wife and anyone who can give me professional input into doing it safely.

Do I still listen to "dangerous mind?" Yes. It is entertaining. But "safe mind" will get me further.

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