Diagnosed after 13 year long battle! I'm mad!!!!!

It took 13 long grueling years for one doctor to finally take a chance on me. Started right after a gallbladder surgery. One month after. MRI showed brain lesions but un-specified. As the year went on the muscles in my legs would contract, knot up and waste away. Falling, leg tremors not even to mention pain. Every kind of medicine and diagnosis you could imagine that was thrown at me while MS was always on the table but, not likely. The accidents with bowel movements at work, falling down stairs, cold weather causing cement legs, you name it. Was called crazy, making this up, faking while all my active life was dwindling away. Raised two beautiful kids by myself, gym daily, worked full time, PTA, all kids sports activities plus going back to school full time while taking care of my house. All gone. To bedridden for nine years. Started the Copaxone, noticed right away no tiredness after a shower. Then Ampyra, WOW can walk distances.

Now I'm losing my mind. I need help! I haven't researched this yet because I'm afraid. Now diagnosed with melanoma. Crying daily, lol same time. Pain is horrible in legs. Will I ever get back my beautiful body again? When I over do it, it feels like I'm getting electricity going through my legs to the point of falling. Every five second zap. Shuffle my feet and then five seconds later another zap!!!! Now eyes are going crazy. Can't read for long because I feel like that kid in school that had those eyes that moved back in forth a mile a minute. What is this? Then memory issues WOW! repeating myself all the time, slurred words, walk like I'm drunk. Why???? There's that woman who probably is stoned drunk again! Really? I am so mad at 11 neurologists who knew in the back of their heads all along it was MS and did nothing. Now with all the damage done it can never be reversed they say! Do I have any legal recourse here? I was told if I was put on Copaxone which BTW does not cause damage, it stops future damage. WHY????? I'm a bag of bones now and all my leg muscles are gone. I'm young but look like I have a 90 yr old body!

Stress WOW....I can see how stress is triggering pain, episodes or whatever they are and now I'm realizing I am a burden to surrounding people. Not to mention all these years without being able to go to a dentist and was hit with a 30k estimate. Is there any help for this? Can't remember if I wrote this but also diagnosed with another double whammy melanoma. The worst kind. Now I'm being discriminated by dentist, other doctors because of the MS! Seriously?! It's bad enough you have this now your faulted for it. I wish to know if anyone else is suffering with extreme leg pain? Falling, memory loss, mood swings. Everything I've mentioned. My days are spent in my bed, I do get up every half hour to move. But, trips and appointments put me down for a day. Pain intensifies with activity. Does this happen to anyone else or am I nuts? Oh and the burning in my leg that happens not to mention back on an MRI table. Again was told no redness and no heat underneath the bed. What was that? Numbness in hands, come and go. Shaking uncontrollably which I know is due to stress. But PLEASE am I going nuts here?


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