At Long Last

About 25 years ago my 2nd husband and I began designing a garden I could navigate with MS. My SPMS was diagnosed during my 1st marriage in 1989. My 1st husband has MS too. Now I understand.

A free garden open everyone

I was a former runner and horseback rider; in good shape physically. My goal in my 2nd marriage was to have a garden, offered free-of-charge, and open to the physically disabled. With 1000 feet of lakefront property, we have designed and developed nearly 2 acres, maintained as completely by me with my husband and his son involved in a nearby community as renters and builders. For several years I operated an MS Support Group, complete with sign-in sheets, speakers, and hard candy.

The gardens themselves were of the English Garden design and were available to garden clubs and outdoor concerts; even a wedding reception was held here. Any donations were reinvested in garden maintenance; any loose change in acquisition of more plants.


In reading through the stories of others with MS, I see how prominent a role fatigue plays. I am 73 now; my husband almost 82. We too find ourselves fatigued.

What next? We've about run out of both energy and funds.

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