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  1. I don't think any one could image what MS fatigue is unless they had it! My fatigue is so bad some days I don't think I can lift my hand over my head, but I have to. I have 2 small children, whom has kept me going, and a job. I take Provigil and an ADHD medication for the fatigue and yes it gives me energy, but I feel like I am on a caffeine high and my brain is still tired. I throw up almost daily because my body is so tired and this is the way that it deals with it. My thought process is slowed and I cannot remember anything, and I get headaches. On weekends I try to take naps but they turn into 4-5 hour naps just so I can wake up and go back to sleep a few hours later. I can't drink caffeine due to the crash I get. I have attempted several diets but they have not helped. I get told I need to exercise but I don't have the energy to go to work and come home and do housework, play with my kids and then exercise. Please if anyone has any suggestions please help!!

    Thanks Tammy

    1. Shout to another N Carolinian : ) I love fresh ginger in tea and stir fry. I love pickled with sushi. It does make me feel better, but no extra energy. I don't like "lassitude," but I was lucky to have a full career until I was 51 and get our four daughters educated and married. I have no complaints - just frustration.

    2. Unfortunately I've had MS since my teens, and have been TIRED THE WHOLE time. I'm 67 now, and about 3 years ago, me new Neuro put me on Adderall. I LOVE,LOVE it. I get about 4 solid hour of brain function. My blood pressur in normal. No ill effects. My pain guy wouldn't treat me anymore cuz of my age, this guy WILL cuz I follow the dosage, and if I'm not working, I don't need to be so awake! LOL

  2. I too have very bad fatigue it gets in the way at work, not being able to concerate. And I forget things all the time. I world a very fast paste and stressful job which I love my bosses don't seem to understand my disability and will not move me into another position so I just deal...

    1. Do your bosses know you have MS? Would they be willing to read the Lassitude article. I did apply for disability at age 51 and got it at age 54. Luckily my boss was wonderful, some of my colleagues not so much. BUT the world has enough understanding friends to make up for them.

  3. Dear Jamie: I am sorry that your bosses cannot understand your disability. Have you considered looking for another job which is a little slower and a little less stressful?

    I know this is hard to consider. I left a wonderful job in Washington, DC which I loved, but knew early on that the fast pace and stress would do me and the MS in very quickly and I would go from Relapsing-Remitting to Primary Progressive if I kept that up.

    Can you delegate any of your work to others? I know that is also hard to do because no one can do the work exactly like you.

    I still work full-time but live now in a lot less stressful environment and can set my pace/work activities to my level. My bosses accepted my disability at the get go and I am so grateful!

    1. I usually don't get real tired until the afternoon. It doesn't seem to matter what time I wake up I feel like I need a nap regardless.
      Sometimes I could be out running errands and I will just get so physically exhausted, I think to myself 'where is this coming from'?


      1. I also have the afternoon HOW CAN I MAKE UNTIL BEDTIME!!?? I was afraid to have a cup of coffee ar about 3 cuz I thought it would interfere with sleep. It doesn't, and it puts a good mood to the rest of the day.

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