Living with MS and Knowing my Father's Battle Also

I was diagnosed in 2006 two years after I became a registered nurse. I am not taking anything for it at the moment. I did take copaxone injections in the past as well as avonex. I was slowly having difficulties with balance as well as memory problems. I discontinued the injections I found myself, against all odds doing better without them. My neurologist agreed. Last summer without warning I had episodes of paralysis on my left side lasting about 40 seconds up to 4 or 5 times per day in my sleep or any time. I was exhausted! My doctor ordered high dose I.v. steroids for 5 days once a day. I was at the mercy of the medical team. I was afraid. I was wiped out. I thought of my father who had m.s. for 20years about 18of those years he was in bed. I was afraid of loosing my independence. I had given up my career about 2 years after being diagnosed. I definitely do not feel the same as I did 1 year ago. I tire more easily. But the up side I'm still walking. Yes my friends I know how you feel.

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