MS, Is That You?

The best description I can give to people of what living life with MS is like would be to imagine if Satan were your conjoined twin.

The alarm clock goes off
And I lift my head
I realize today
I can’t get out of bed
MS is that you?

I later get up
And stumble into a wall
That wall in the hall
That leads to the den
And for today
That’s as far as I’ve been
MS is that you?

My head is killing me
At times I can’t see
I need my medication
But it needs certification
MS is that you?

I try to remember things
Such as places and names
There is no one to blame
But this feels like a game
MS is that you?

I’m always tired
And usually in pain
Everything going on
inside of my brain
Is making me think that I’m insane
MS is that you?

So in conclusion I want to be well
I tell Satan to go back to hell
Each morning brings a new day
Maybe today I will not say
MS is that you?

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