My Conversation with MS

Just another day, again, I had a conversation with MS. I have a weekly session with MS, like a therapist visit.
I asked him "What did you love in me that you chose my body over others?" He replied "You." You are beautiful inside out, but yet you are strong and rebellious so I thought I will TRY you and I sneaked into your body when I knew you would not take notice of it. I showered you with pain, and agony, both mental and physical. But you refused to budge.
You refused to give in. You smiled through the pain and you mocked me when I actually wanted you to cry.
I put you through those dark tunnels with loud pounding noise. I ensured I kept pricking you til there were no veins left, but you did not flinch. I was full of angst... I wanted to pin you down so you could wriggle in pain. I put those pipes inside you. I ensured I snatched away your sleep and give you no respite, yet you seemed to ignore me still while I loved your body I detested your mind. I hated the resilience you carried so gracefully with that smile that you wore.

I couldn't be rattled

That's when I knew I could not rattle you... You are God's Child with a twist. I knew you will not allow me to defeat you, but I will exist in you and watch you become frail, fatigued, helpless, and finally cease to exist. I made you cripple; even then, you overpowered me. I mocked at MS once again. "I dare you," "TRY ME" I screamed back at him. You love my body, you say, but you have no existence. No one has even seen you. You exist in me without a face. You are invisible. You are a coward, I whispered in his ears. You are just a parasite living in another's body without revealing your identity, like you sneaked into mine. And I have no place in my body and mind to entertain you anymore.

I will never give up

I was...
I am ...
I will be...
And now I say again TRY ME!!! YOU CAN NEVER GET ME!!! This is not just my story but all of you, who are MS effected. Don't let your MS play games with you. Shout out loud "YOU ARE AN UN-INVITED GUEST IN MY BODY." I HAD ALLOWED YOU not knowing you are one of those tenants who take refuge and deny to leave, making it your home, little that you realised you will be only cursed... Cursed by all who you have attacked, but Dear MS you don't know what you empowered us with.

The traits I will continue to carry with me

Resilience. Acceptance. Endurance. Adaptability. You don't know how good you are. Just when I felt hopeless and nothing to look forward to, you compelled me. I had a job no more but you did not know you opened so many doors. Doors to defeat you. You taught me to speak against you. You showed me ways to reach others who have you. You encouraged us to do all that we did not think we would or could. You blessed us with multiple things that were all but a dream. My MS warriors make MS MY STRENGTH!!! For you are unshakable. Unstoppable. We stand strong and MS will fail. Yes its not easy but not impossible either. Live like you never lived before. Laugh like you never laughed before. Cry out to release your pain, but not by giving in to MS.

LoveMS embrace MS because YOU are strong...

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