My Neurologist is My Super Hero

I was young when my entire world was turned upside down. It all started with a constant, electrical sensation in my left hand. In a short period of time, my hands became useless and a wheelchair became my legs.

Eventually ending up in a wheelchair

The neurologist, who originally diagnosed me, told me to go home and rest because I would eventually end up in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, this was quite common at the time because this was before disease-modifying therapies were available. My appointment consisted of the neurological exam and not much else. After about a year, I went in search of a new neurologist.

My new MS team member

I ended up in the ER before my appointment with the new neurology practice. As a result, I was seen by the neurologist who was on call from that same practice, but not who I was scheduled to see for my upcoming appointment. As of that ER visit, I now had my new long-term neurologist and new MS team member.

My neurologist is a superhero

Why do I consider my neurologist a superhero? I was terrified that I would never be able to walk again. He sent me to an MS specialist, and we decided to try chemo. Thankfully, the treatment worked. Throughout the years, he has continued to research other therapy options, symptom management, and relapse treatment. Most importantly, he listens to my concerns, fears, and answers my questions. My neurologist never gives up on me. To my neurologist, thank you.

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