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Well I have a long story as do many of you. I’ve been reading stories for a while now but I feel it’s time to tell mine just to get it off my chest.

My symptoms started 20 years ago

First off, I am not diagnosed although I know in my heart, gut, and mind what I am going through is certainly MS. It all started exactly 20 years ago with numbness and tingling in my left foot. I was in the military and was scared for many reasons. What’s going on and will I be able to continue to serve our country or be forced out medically? I saw a neurologist back then who basically told me not to come back until I couldn’t lift my arm or leg or something. I also saw a psych who said my foot wasn’t numb. Ok so that was fun 😬

I feel like I've moved to progressive

Fast forward to now: 20 years later, several different minor symptoms compared to a lot of people I have read about, and thankfully a retirement from the military, here I am still trying to figure out what is going on as symptoms have progressed and seem to be more coming than going with each one. Call me crazy but I feel like I’ve moved into progressive without even getting diagnosed after 20 years of this. I've found a decent neuro, but after a spinal tap, tons of blood work, and 2 MRIs of neck, spine, and head, he’s convinced it’s not MS.

So frustrated

Yes, I am frustrated. First, because everything I read says to get treatment ASAP and if that had happened where would I be today? Can’t focus on that I know. Also I am so frustrated with no diagnosis as this thing keeps getting the best of me. As they say ‘more bad days than good days now’. I’ve dealt with depression, lack of motivation, exhaustion, heavy feeling legs, slight balance problems and the worst is this shakiness internally that just makes me feel awful. While still mobile, I’m still fearful of the future 😞

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and any suggestions would be appreciated!

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